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PC & MAC Computers

We repair both the hardware and the software issues connected to any kinds of damages or malfunctions with your PC or a Mac. Additionally we have in-house special equipment which enables us to get motherboards and PC graphics (video) cards fixed as well. As a bonus we can do hardware upgrades for computers and supply new PCs and Macs!

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Laptop Repairs

We offer speedy and quality focused services at reasonable prices for all laptop repairs. So, be it a cracked screen case, water damage, or if the equipment needs a replacement (e.g. mic, mini-jack port), we will get it done!

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Tablet Repairs

Nowadays the number of tablets used worldwide is huge. So is the amount of damages and things to be fixed. We work with iOS as well as Android powered tablets, and we fix 100% of all the damages.

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Mobile Repairs

Smartphones are easy to break and are malfunctioning quite often. Thus our services aim to make their work as robust as possible - regardless of which operating system they have — iPhone's iOS or Android.

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Game Consoles Repair

We can get any gaming console of your ownership running again, be it PlayStation 4, Xbox 0ne or Nintendo Wii.

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Microsoldering Repairs

Our team of IT professionals can visit you and your device right at your home or office location, in case you prefer emergent diagnostics and repair service.

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We work with every PC manufacturing brand listed below

Our Simple Process Services

You Call

In case of emergency firstly tell us your specific IT problems and we will get them resolved throughout 7 days a week with standard response time of 48 business hours

We Visit

We know how often it is inconvenient to bring your devices to us, so we can visit your home or office location for rapid diagnostics and repair

We Service

We will get your device fixed and in addition we provide 28 day satisfaction guarantee for each client!